Through Colour Render Specialists – Highbridge, Somerset

Covering the Southwest of England


Through Colour Render provides an opportunity to give the client a low maintenance, robust decorative finish to new and existing buildings.

The render is suitable for most substrates and gives a weather resistant, breathable finish. The render is available in a variety of colours, can be applied by hand or spray machine to a variety of textures and comes with a manufacturer’s 10 year warranty.

Existing Buildings – Stone, brick, smooth concrete 

Particular attention should be paid to the type of substrate prior to application of the render

The walls should first be treated with a biocidal anti-fungal wash. A key coat is then required to provide an even suction and mechanical key for the Through Colour Render.


Fabric reinforcing mesh is always recommended at building stress points such as above and below window and door openings. If the building requires full mesh reinforcement then this should be overlapped by 100mm. This will reduce the risk of cracking. The manufacturer of the render will carry out a survey to determine if full mesh reinforcement is required.